12 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee

There are many people who love to start their day with a cup of coffee. However, these people do not know many facts related to their favorite beverage. There are various surprising things that you might not know about coffee. Let us explore these facts one by one:

1. Coffee is a fruit:

When you imagine where coffee comes from, you will most probably think of it in a powder form or the espresso beans growing on a tree, so you can grind these beans later to make powder. But do you know that its life and growth actually start with a fruit? Small red berries known as coffee cherries are first to grow on the espresso plants. The seeds inside these cherries are then roasted and grounded to get beans.


2. The only American state to grow coffee is Hawaii:

You cannot plant caffeine plants anywhere you want. The place where you are planning to grow it must have suitable environmental conditions. It usually grows well in high altitudes, rich soil, and tropical climates. Therefore, Hawaii is the only state in the United States that supports its growth. This region has been growing espresso even before it was made a state.

3. Coffee made from a cat’s poop:

Have you ever thought that the espresso beans can also be made with the poop of a cat? Well, this may sound unreal but it is true. A cat named Aisan palm civet enjoys consuming caffeine berries in the forests. These berries then get fermented in the cat’s digestive system. The poop of these berries is known to provide an incredible flavor to the caffeine. However, it is available only in limited amounts, which is why it is very costly.

4. It is supposed to discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder:

While it’s indistinct precisely where espresso comes from, rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that the stimulating impacts of espresso berries were co-incidentally found by a goat herder who saw that his goats got energetic after eating these berries from the trees. He gave his discoveries to an abbot, who then made a drink using coffee berries, which kept him alert all through his evening prayers. The information on this extraordinary berry was then spread to different priests.


5. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee:

Do you know that Brazil produces the largest amount of caffeine in the whole world? It produces twice the amount of coffee that is produced by the second largest producer i.e. Vietnam. So, if you are wondering, from where most of the coffee comes from in your country, then it is most likely Brazil.

6. Many people have tried to ban it:

In the previous years, there were a lot of different groups of people across the world that attempted to boycott our number one drink. Commonly, it was a result of espresso’s stimulating impact or the specific crowd that got attracted toward it. Cafes quickly turned into a spot where people can discuss their thoughts and ideas. An instance took place in 1511 in Mecca, where the governor was afraid that this beverage could unite his opposition parties.

7. It has two main types:

There are a large number of types of espresso plants, yet the two you’re probably going to know about are arabica and robusta, as these are utilized economically. Arabica tastes sweeter along with high acidity. It has complex fragrances and flavors. Robusta is smaller, has higher caffeine content and an extreme, full-bodied taste. Bundles of ground espresso beans generally contain a mix of the two. If you want to buy such tasty flavors of caffeine, consider visiting


8. Cream is added in coffee to keep it warm:

When you add cream in your coffee, it stays warm up to 20 percent longer. You’ll need to get some information about that one. We figure it could have something to do with the rule that makes boiling water more reasonable for making ice blocks than cold water when you’re in a rush to chill off your fresh drink.

9. Grinding is essential to make coffee:

Coffee gets stale a lot faster whenever it’s been ground, so assuming you’re hoping to make the most ideal mug of espresso, purchase entire beans and consider grinding them at your home. It’s critical to note down that cafes regularly burn through a great many dollars on a grinder to guarantee an even and exceptionally adjustable grind size.

10. Do not drink coffee immediately after waking up:

Cortisol is a natural hormone in our bodies that makes us feel alert. When you wake up in the morning, cortisol is at its most significant levels in our bodies, so in principle we shouldn’t require an extra shot of espresso. Wait for about thirty minutes at least after waking up to have your espresso. Even better, between 9:30 to 11:30 am cortisol levels begin to drop down and that is the point at which an impeccably made coffee will significantly affect your body.


11. First webcam was invented to view coffee pot:

Here is another interesting fact about coffee that you might have not heard of as of now. Do you know the reason behind the invention of the world’s first webcam? It was built in 1991 to monitor a coffee pot. The researchers at Cambridge University made it because they were so exhausted to leave their desk every time to check the espresso pot. The webcam that they made allowed them to keep an eye on their beverage without having to visit the kitchen again and again.

12. Coffee does not create dehydration:

Many people think that caffeine is responsible for dehydrating human bodies, but this is not true. Various studies have been conducted and it was found that there was no significant change in the urine of a person who consumes 500 to 600mg caffeine in a day.

To Sum Up

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages all around the globe and people are crazy about it. They never miss a chance to have their favorite cup of espresso. However, they do not know various facts related to it. Read some interesting coffee facts above and enhance your knowledge.

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