Kitchen Spice Rack Lift – Elevate Your Cooking Experience

A well-organized kitchen is always a satisfying sight. But beyond the outlook, it ensures you don’t spend hours looking for your cooking items and utensils. Arranging similar items in the same compartment is ideal, so we recommend a kitchen spice rack lift.

As you’d expect, it’s a rack to store your cooking spices. But the difference is that the rack stays hidden in a compartment, which you can set up in a cabinet or countertop. Then, when you want to access an item, the rack pop-ups. Afterward, it goes back into the cabinet.

Does that sound interesting? It’s actually not difficult to build. Read on as we explain how.

How to Build a Kitchen Spice Rack Lift

You’ll need several components to construct your kitchen spice rack lift. The parts in question consist of two main aspects: the rack structure and the lifting mechanism. We discuss them in detail below.

Components of a kitchen spice rack lift

kitchen spice rack lift


You require the following to set up a kitchen spice rack lift.

Linear actuator

A motion device serves as the core of the lift mechanism. It’s what pushes the rack up and down, and to get the best performance, a linear actuator is advised. You’ll need a sturdy actuator with sufficient force and stroke length to lift the rack. As a result, the type you’ll use will depend on the rack size. Nevertheless, we’ll subsequently highlight some best models you can purchase.

Power supply

Still, there must be a power supply on the lift mechanism to drive the linear actuator. Generally, you either use a direct source — like an outlet in your kitchen — or a battery. If you opt for the former, DC outlets are ideal, and check the voltage to ensure it corresponds with the motion device. Most linear actuators are usually 12 or 24 volts.

Mounting brackets

Two mounting brackets will connect the linear actuator to the spice rack. Hence, these components are essential to the lift mechanism and the rack structure. However, when purchasing mounting brackets, pay more attention to their compatibility with the linear actuator.

For optimal performance, go for mounting brackets with swivel heads. They’re easier to adjust, meaning they’ll work with different actuator types.

Vertical drawer

Now, the focus is on the rack structure. Vertical drawer functions as a track system to help the rack slide up and down. So, they stay inside the hidden compartment, and you’ll attach them to the linear actuator.

Wood or metal will suffice when constructing the vertical drawer. Suppose you have an old drawer you no longer use; it could also work. You just need to adjust it to fit the size of the compartment. Also, the drawer should be spacious to house the actuator and still have room for seamless operation.


Finally, you’ll construct your rack. Generally, you either use a metal or wooden rack. Although we recommend the latter, it depends on your kitchen decor. But the most important aspect is the rack’s height. Ensure it matches the linear actuator’s stroke length to fully pop out of the cabinet.

Now that you’re familiar with the component you need let’s now discuss the main task.

Building a Kitchen Spice Lift with A Linear Actuator

First, prepare the compartment in the cabinet or countertop you want to install the lift. So, unless there’s one already, cut out a hole in the cabinet or countertop. Measure the hole properly, as it must correspond to the size of your vertical drawer.

Now, get the vertical drawer, and attach the mounting brackets. As mentioned, you need two. One goes to the top at the back, while you’ll place the other at the base. Use screws to fasten the brackets. If you have them, bolts can work, but the bottom line is to make the connection sturdy.

Once you’ve achieved that, attach the linear actuators to the mounting brackets. Again, you can utilize bolts or screws. Then, align the actuator with the vertical drawer, and, as stated before, ensure there’s enough space for the device to move freely.

To be sure, connect the actuator to your power supply and activate it. If everything works well, you can place the vertical drawer inside the compartment. Fasten it to the inside walls with screws. Insert your rack into the vertical drawer and use screws to secure it.

At this point, your kitchen spice rack lift is good to go. But test it one more time using the actuator switch or remote. The up-and-down motion should be swift and smooth.

Best Linear Actuator for Kitchen Spice Lifts

When deciding on a linear actuator for your kitchen spice rack lift, you have three options. It’s either a microdevice, a standard actuator, or a heavy-duty one. Although it sounds textbook, your rack size will determine your ultimate pick.

Spices aren’t heavy, so you could build a small, lightweight rack. That also means the lift will fit into a small space, and a micro linear actuator will work for that. Regardless of their name, these devices can provide up to medium force, which makes them reliable.

However, if you need something more versatile, then, a standard linear actuator will do. These devices provide medium to high force. So, we recommend them for spice racks that require more lifting power.

But if you have a large spice rack — perhaps to plan to store more than spices — a miniature or standard motion device won’t hold. What you need is a heavy-duty linear actuator.

Alternative Project – Pull Out Spice Rack

Pull Out


A kitchen spice rack lift is an ingenious idea. However, if you’d prefer some other design, a pull-out spice rack will work. The mechanism using a linear actuator is more or less the same.

But here’s the difference: a pull-out spice rack will slide in and out horizontally. This contrasts with the lift that goes up and down. Nevertheless, with a pull-out spice rack, you still get to save space, improve accessibility, and add aesthetics to your kitchen. In this post, we show more ways to use linear actuators around the home .


Make your kitchen more organized by adding a spice rack lift. It’s an ingenious idea, one that also helps you save space. The best part, as evident from this article, is that it’s not difficult to set up. Get the necessary components, follow the instructions, and your spice rack lift will be ready quickly.

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