How the Perfect Pizza Stole the Show at Your Housewarming Party

It’s been exciting in some ways moving to a new city with a new job. You quickly made some new friends, which helped your initial transition. The end of your first week was welcome to allow you to relax to also help with further integration.

Back home, your man was getting your home into shape. He doesn’t start his job until this week, but he has made himself busy, so that when you welcomed some of your new friends and neighbours round, your abode looked good.

You were in a quandary about what to do as a welcome housewarming party, but you both agreed on drinks and music from late afternoon. The food was taken care of, following an early recommendation at work. You fed everyone the best pizza Geelong has to offer.

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy pizza. And the reports at work told you that you and your guests would be in for a proper treat. All that you heard was good things and positive reports about the company that you used. It sounded so good that you were tempted to order one there and then.


The pizza business is extremely competitive, so finding out that this one has been in existence for 25 years tells its own story. It commits itself to continually creating a consistent quality product that offers unrivalled value, and the prices on the menu certainly bore testament to that. They create traditional pizzas with their recipes being passed down the generations ensuring there is heart and soul in every dish. The thought of the Italian classics led to you learning all about the different types of olive oil and how they are made.

The guests arrived as planned, and you were in great form pouring the drinks and making your guests welcome before you sneaked away for 5 minutes to order your pizza. Ordering was so easy online and completed within a minute.

There was a fantastic range to choose from, with the couple who go gluten-free along with gourmet pizza and pasta lovers being provided for. The selection that you decided upon looked so good that your biggest headache would be which one to try first. It was easy to strike a balance so that meat eaters and vegetarians alike would be satisfied, including some pizza that you hadn’t previously seen available.


Your local branch of the company only offers a delivery service, but that suited you perfectly. Before long the order was round at your house, with a smiling driver. You certainly gave them 10/10 for customer service. And it really should have been 11/10 for the pizzas. You also planned a local walk for the following morning to replenish your appetites.

The ingredients were of the highest quality, as promised, with the cheese as good as you had tried. The food was so popular and scrumptious that you made another smaller order, with everyone asking where you had ordered from.

Yes, your local pizza company was the showstopper. You will certainly be returning customers.

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