How Do Restaurants Prepare Food in Advance?

Whenever you order food at a restaurant, you get it in less than half an hour. Do you know how they prepare items and serve it on your table? It is hard to cook multiple items within an hour, but you get it in different restaurants. It is because they prepare food in advance and make it ready whenever you order it.

You can also assume that most of the food is half-cooked with all the necessary ingredients to prepare your dish within a few minutes. The following write-up will discuss how various restaurants prepare bread for their customers in advance.

Every restaurant owner needs to put a good impression of its services on their customer’s minds. Therefore, fast delivery with no compromise in the food quality is their ultimate goal. Let us know how they manage and prepare certain ingredients to provide the food you need on time. Exploring their methods will help you prepare food in your kitchen quickly.

1. Use Efficient Devices


In any reputable restaurant, most of the food is prepared and cooked in highly-efficient devices. They have plenty of big-sized appliances like grills, juicers, ovens, etc. These devices cook bread quickly and prepare large quantities of food.

Even if many people order the same food at the same time, like pizza, it can be prepared together with the same taste. The difference in various dishes is because of the ingredients used in them. Many ingredients that are hard to cook are already roasted or prepared to save time.

2. Prepare the Ingredients

Whatever dish a restaurant cooks for you, they need all types of ingredients. Some of them need to be raw, and some of them need to be semi-cooked. It is also necessary to chop vegetables, make the dough, and do other crucial things for preparing any item.

If all the ingredients are already prepared, it will be easy and quick to cook any recipe. If you visit the restaurant’s kitchen, you will observe that the staff is taking ingredients from the counter and simply preparing food for you within a few minutes.

3. Pre-heating or Pre-cooling the Appliances

If the appliance used for cooking any item is pre-heated, it can cook the ingredients quickly. When the chef prepares the ingredients, the person pre-heats the required appliance. When it is done, the prepared item is placed there, and your favorite item will be cooked within a few seconds or minutes.

But if you are ordering any cold food, it must be refrigerated for many hours, and it will be served to you with great taste. In many restaurants, highly efficient freezers are available that can cool your food within a few minutes.

4. Cook Food in Small Quantities

If the chef is not using any appliance for cooking food, he must mix ingredients in the pan and cook it for some time until the meal becomes delicious. They prefer to cook food in small quantities as it is easy and quick to prepare edibles in small quantities.

But if the chef gets multiple orders, he has to use multiple pans or cookware to prepare them. Many ingredients are already half-cooked, and serving the food you order takes not much time.

5. Boil Water Quickly

Boiled water is common and necessary for cleaning, sterilizing, and cooking items. Many restaurants keep water every time for boiling and take it whenever required. Many appliances are available through which one can quickly boil a large quantity of water within five minutes.

It is easy to take that boiled water and do whatever you want. The staff at the restaurant boil water continuously and save their time. In boiled water, some items like rice and pasta can be cooked fresh within 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Rinsing Ingredients

Rinsing ingredients before cooking can make them soft. You can quickly cook the rinsed ingredients and deliver fresh food to your customers within a few minutes. In the case of an emergency, rinsing is done in hot or warm water.

But if anyone has prepared it a day before, then cold water is also a good option. But rinsing veggies can save cooking time, and quick delivery makes customers happy and satisfied with the hotel services. It is possible to prepare many ready-to-eat restaurant entrees by rinsing veggies and other ingredients.

7. Cover the Cookware with Lids


The best way to fasten the cooking process is to cover the cookware with a lid. In your kitchen, you might have experimented with this technique. If you do not cover the container, it will take time to prepare edibles because the steam will quickly evaporate, which helps in cooking the ingredients.

But if you cover the container, the inside steam will cook food easily and quickly. Even if the restaurant staff prepares items in small quantities, they prefer covering the cookware with lids.

8. Keep All the Appliances Ready

In a restaurant, the staff gets multiple orders from different customers simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to keep all the appliances ready. In the kitchen, every device is available in its place, and it works great.

If any device is not working, then it is quickly replaced with the new one. The staff also know alternatives of appliances in case they do not have a device for food preparation. In advance, they keep themselves ready to avoid disappointing their customers.

Final Thoughts

It is a common thought of many people to know how quickly restaurants prepare their food in their kitchen. Generally, it takes a lot of time to cook fresh food. You will get delicious food quickly in restaurants without compromising taste and quality.

The mentioned hacks are pretty preferred in every restaurant. But if you go to an average place, the staff has other alternatives to serve fresh food in no time. When you know about these methods, you can also apply them in your kitchen and save time. You can also get restaurant-like food items at your home.

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