Offering Your Craft Food and Drink Products to Major Retailers

There are many different people trying their hand at craft food and drink; in fact, some of them take off and make it to regular store shelves, while others are not so lucky. The trick to getting your products in the limelight is to do as much as you can to get them the attention that is required, and there are different ways in which you can do this.

1. Show that you have a large following


Major retailers are going to be interested in the products that are already a hit before they are involved, so you are going to have to work hard to get and keep your customers and your audience satisfied. This could mean building your social media presence by placing posts, new additions to your range, or about where you will be selling your goods next. Market stalls or food craft venues are a good place to start, but you shall have to drum up enthusiasm among your followers to get them to come and sample as well as purchase your goods.

2. Upgrade your website

At the same time as this, you will have to upgrade your website so that customers that are unable to see you in person can still make purchases from your company. It is a good idea to link your website and your social media profile so that customers can find you easily, as well as have plenty of business cards and flyers to hand when you are working your stalls. In order to get as much organic traffic as possible to your website, you should seriously consider hiring the services of an experienced SEO agency, as they will be able to boost your online presence even further.

3. Find Solutions for delivery


Once you have got the attention of some stores, such as local farm shops or even the slightly larger stores, you will have to think about how to ship your products to them safely. One of the most popular methods is crate shipping. Hiring service crate movers may be easier than you think, and this is due to certain websites acting as shipping brokers. Using these facilities will undoubtedly save you time and effort, as you will only need to enter the details of your shipment once to obtain countless quotes. All that is then required from you is to select which fulfills your criteria the best and make arrangements for collection and delivery.

A few final thoughts

Although it may be daunting and incredibly hard work to get your products noticed, it is important that you do not give up. Keep building your customer base, improving your products, and even adding to your personal range.

Attend as many food markets as you can and advertise to all that will listen that you and your products will be there to sample and purchase. When you are ready, approach your local farm stores and eateries and provide them with samples.

You may find that instead of selling your products in large stores to the general public, you are instead supplying your local restaurants and eateries so that they can use your products in their signature dishes.

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