How to Boost Your Hot Chocolate Experience

Hot chocolate is just what we need in winter. It’s warm, it’s delicious, and it helps boost your mood. Dark chocolate even contains antioxidants. There are so many amazing ways to enjoy hot chocolate as well, meaning there’s something for those who want an indulgent drink, all the way to those who want something fun and unexpected. There is an infinite number of ways that you can truly make your hot chocolate experience different, and you can start today by using these tips:

Use a Chocolate Bomb


Chocolate bombs are all the rage right now, and for great reason. They’re simple, they’re fun, and they are interactive. You simply place your hot chocolate bomb in a mug and then pour steaming hot milk over them. You can, of course, use water, but for the full indulgent experience, milk or a milk substitute is always recommended. You can buy chocolate bombs in a pack as well, to get a range of different experiences and delectable tastes whenever you need a nice, cozy hug this winter.

Add Spices to Your Hot Chocolate

Chocolate and spices go hand in hand. A few of the most common spices are cinnamon and nutmeg, but you deserve to be more creative than that. Chocolate is regularly added to chili and other hot dishes to add richness to the flavor, and the same applies the other way around. Chili is a good chocolate pair mix of choice, but don’t let that stop you from drying out other spices – even pepper.

Add Fruits to Your Hot Chocolate

A fruity puree is a great way to replicate the deliciousness of a fruit and chocolate bar in your drink. This can be something as simple as fruity milk (like strawberry or banana) instead of regular milk, or you can blitz up a puree of your favorite fruit yourself. The best fruits are, by far, berries (unofficial or otherwise). Think strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and so on.

Use Chocolate Flakes


If you want a truly indulgent hot chocolate, then you’ll need real chocolate flakes. You can do this yourself by simply grating a bar of chocolate. You can even store those shavings to make prep time quicker in the future. By using these chocolate shavings instead of chocolate powder, you immediately make your drink more indulgent and rich. Use whole milk, or even a dash of cream, to make it even thicker.

Add Liqueur

If you drink and want to add a lovely bite to your hot chocolate, then add a liqueur. While yes, you can add options like whiskey to your hot chocolate, you’ll find that a rich liqueur option is almost always better. This is because it’s thicker, richer, and bonds better to the texture of the hot chocolate, whereas an option like whiskey thins it. Baileys, a coffee liqueur, or even a marzipan option are all great to pair with hot chocolate.

Cook on Low, and Slow

Chocolate takes time to melt, so regardless of what method you use to spice up your drink, aim to heat the chocolate slowly. For best results, keep stirring during the process. If you are a true connoisseur, you can even upgrade to a hot chocolate machine for amazing results every time.

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