9 Delicious Desserts With Coffee Beans To Try In 2024

The better taste of coffee is probably the most sought after flavor in the world. Apart from being used for delicious beverages, these beans are now also extensively used in making a number of desserts. They are not only used for a powdery finish butter also used as the mean ingredient or the primary flavor in a sweet dish.

The better the sourcing of the bean is, the more rich the flavor would be. It would give something delicious for you to enjoy with your loved ones. In this article, we will be mentioning a number of delicious desserts that are made with coffee beans. All of them are worth trying in 2024.

1. Affogato


Let us go Italian with our first entry and include Affogato which you can easily find in any café. It is probably the simplest thing one can make with coffee. It requires vanilla ice cream and espresso. This concoction leads to a sweet dessert which also balances the bitterness of the caffeine extremely well.

2. Cuban Coffee

One night argue that Cuban coffee is still a beverage and not a dessert. However, the cream on top of the liquid is rich in flavor and is incredibly sweet just like any other dessert. This dish comes with cream made from weeping sugar which perfectly balances the bitterness from concentrated espresso lying beneath.

Choosing this option as a dessert is a bold choice but over the one if you want to experiment and try something new. Steamy Bean Coffee will offer you enough incentive to use beans in all your desserts.

3. Texas Brownies


These brownies are different from the regular ones because of one special ingredient. Texas brownish includes an entire cup of caffeine in the batter. The rest of the recipe follows that typical one but maybe the cocoa powder can be balanced out with coffee for a different taste. One can use chocolate spread on top to balance this bitterness but it is a personal choice. Using caramel as a topping is also a wise and tasty decision.

4. Tiramisu Cake

The tiramisu cake seems to be overwhelmingly difficult to make but that is not the case. A store bought cake or a simple vanilla cake can be used for this recipe. It first needs to be saturated with coffee and liqueur. After the sponge is moist with the flavor of coffee, you can move to the cream cheese filling.

The feeling can be sweet but it should also include beans to make tiramisu cake rich with flavor. If one is not too much into the bitterness it can be topped off with chocolate. But a coffee infused whipped cream combination also works extremely well as the outer covering.

5. Flan de Café


Flan de Café simply translates to a coffee flan which means that a traditional Spanish dish is now available in a different flavor. The Spanish vanilla egg custard can be made in a bittersweet flavor if one is enthusiastic enough. It is a simple enough recipe which allows someone to test their cooking skills and impress the dinner guests. Choosing to serve it caramel or chocolate is a very balanced approach.

6. Coffee Mousse

We do not need to explain just how amazing this will taste. It can be made at home or ordered from any restaurant which makes it. It is typically a cold dessert so making it at home will require some preparation and waiting of a couple hours. A mousse has somewhat the consistency of a custard so it needs to chill for a while until you are done with the main course. Topping it off with chocolate or bean powder is the right way to begin a good experience for your taste buds.

7. Meringues


Since every desert can be changed into something amazing with the right beans, we could not leave meringues behind. Meringues are anyways or an extremely simple recipe so choosing to change the flavor will not be very complicated.

They are a perfect snack item so make sure you make a lot of them while you are at it. Instant coffee will work just as well as any other alternative. Getting the egg whites to rise to the perfect consistency is probably the most complicated part of this recipe.

8. Coffee Ice Cream

Ice cream is already available in a variety of weird flavours so coffee seems timid in comparison. One can easily make this ice cream at home by just being a little creative. It can either be done with vanilla ice cream where you choose instant coffee powder or a saturated liquid as a sauce.

Making a sauce to go with simple ice cream is a great choice because everyone can choose how much of a bitter taste they want. But making a proper ice cream from scratch would require all of the ingredients to be placed together after being mixed well. Then put it in a wide pan and freeze it until set.

9. Coffee Jelly


This is probably the most self explanatory desert we have mentioned in this list. It is also relatively new and innovative in case you did not want to try any other mainstream recipes. Coffee jelly is not new but husband away from the limelight for a while.

The Japanese typically enjoy this dessert and use whipped cream as the perfect topping. The pro of using coffee as the base flavor for jelly is that the concentration can be changed according to personal preference. And even if the jelly is bitter, more whipped cream can be added to counteract the bitterness.

The Takeaway

Coffee obsession has changed the way people look at deserts and no one regrets it. Some of the dishes mentioned above might require an acquired taste to properly appreciate them. But if you enjoy the occasional bitter shot of espresso, these deserts are worth trying at least once. Just remember while making that any and all deserts are primarily supposed to be sweet.

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