3 Party Food Ideas For Hosting A Paella Party

Paella is a fun-filled traditional food that is a perfect party fit. It is one of the eating-together meals you can enjoy with as many people as you can round up. It is a great deal in Spain, and if carried out correctly, can be a very memorable dish. Especially for gatherings and parties, the ingredients should be balanced and the seasoning should be perfect. A satisfying paella has several layers of flavor distinct from one another. It just needs the time it deserves, leaving the guests to have one notable pan of food.

Although paella itself is very filling, some side dishes along with it can leave an impressive mark on the minds of the guests. We should do the selection taking regard to the items that can blend well with the main dish. Here are some options that you can consider for your outdoor party.

For Appetizers

Not everything will go with a heavy mean like paella, as it stands on its own. It is a one-course meal that leaves not much space for anything else. With attention to not over stuff the guests, the side dishes and appetizers should be plain and simple. Therefore, the paella buffet organized by various restaurants and caterers has similar side dishes on their menu.

1. Spanish Omelet Imperial


The Spanish omelet is commonly known as ‘tortilla de patatas‘. It is one such basic side dish that is served in large triangular shapes. This egg-based meal is an easy-to-cook food that has subtle flavors and a distinct taste. Although there is some controversy regarding the involvement of onion in the dish, people make it according to their preferred taste.

The ingredients include potato, eggs, and olive oil. We believe onion adds a certain sweetness to the omelet when sauteed with olive oil. There are various variations of the recipe being conventional and modern. Everyone may not like this, but people who do will have a rare pleasure enjoying it.

2. Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese is perhaps one of the most famous Spanish cheeses. It is springy and fairly mild and sweet and nutty with notes of grass. The taste goes very well before or after the main meal. It is often served with a tapas plate in a sliced triangular shape. It can be served with wine, sherry, or even beer.

3. Shrimp


Shrimps are the best appetizers before any heavy meal. It is easy to serve a dish that works well, both hot and cold. An option for the serving is warm with bacon and something crunchy like a wonton. Additionally, a cheesy dip will suffice. Shrimps have such a lovely smooth texture that it is mouthwatering in any form. Some of the common shrimp appetizers are.

4. Baked Hash Browns

Baked potato and hash browns are a great scoop over for before meals. It can be best served with saffron-infused broth and chopped chives. It enhances not only the look but elevates the taste of the dish.

5. Crusty Bread


Paella can taste a mouthful when served with crusty bread. The right quality of bread is significant. That is the only catch here. Too many carbs can make the meal heavy and cause bloating. A perfect choice would be a baguette, low on the carbs and light on the stomach.

For Dessert

People often crave creamy dessert after a meal. Something light and sweet after the paella can be very satisfying. Here are some of the options to include for the dessert.

 1. Sorbet


Sorbet, also commonly known as “water ice” is a frozen dessert that is made with flavoring. The flavor can be lemon, grapefruit, or anything you like. For a smooth consistency, it is always recommended to strictly follow and stick to one recipe. People often refer to too many recipes for the perfect scoop like consistency, which can ruin the dessert.

It can very well go alone or along with some chocolate cookies. It is light and when prepared with lemon, the acidic nature can work as a perfect palate cleanser.

2. Flan

The flan is a crowd-pleasing dessert, yet amazingly simple to prepare. The ingredients are minimal and take less effort compared to the creamy caramel flan that results from it. We have no fixed recipe for it.

There are endless possibilities regarding the ingredients involved. People change it according to their taste. If caramel does not suit you or the guests, plain custard can also work like a charm.

Flan is best served with chocolate sauce, Nutella, crushed nuts, fresh berries, etc.

3. Olive Oil cake


For all the sweet tooth lovers looking for a light dessert, this simple and sublime cake can satisfy their cravings. The cake has a limited amount of sugar which can be served without risking a sugar crash. The cake is easy to prepare and enriches its taste with the subtle flavor of olive oil.

For Drinks

Paella’s meal needs something to sip in. And not any drink would do. Here is a list of drinks that can blend best with paella meals.

1. White Wine

Although paella meals are served among relaxed family gatherings and white wine might be a little grand for such occasions but when considering which blends the most, white wine takes the lead. The fine fermented white wine hits the spot perfectly with the soft textures of the paella.

2. Red Wine


Red Wine also works well when the meal is prepared with chicken and sausages.

3. Rioja

The red wine of Spain, Rioja is one of the popular drinks to pair with paella. It comes in several styles similar to the main meal. The type depends upon the time spent in the barrel, and the intention of the winemaker. It can range from being fruity to complex and brooding.

Bottom line

At a paella party, the main meal is the showstopper. Although, other side dishes, dips, and drinks are equally important. Align the best appetizers and sips with the main dish and let the guests enjoy.

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