Eating In 2024: 5 Foodservice Industry Predictions

These days, with the foodservice industry changing and the recent pandemic, consumers are beginning to become more adventurous and also eco-conscious and restaurants around the world are taking note.

When it comes to eating in 2024, here is some of the most important chefs news for foodservice equipment reps, restaurateurs, and more!

1. Adventurous, Unique Dining Experiences

One big trend popping up right now all around the world is experimental eating/dining. In 2024, restaurants are trying new and exciting things like creating elaborate ice sculptures, dining car eating experiences, flaming cocktails and desserts, as well as more colorful menu items.

Exciting Ingredients & Flavors

As eaters become more adventurous, restaurants have begun to incorporate new flavors and ingredients into their offerings to keep up with consumer demand. For example, the use of the Filipino tuber ube has been cropping up everywhere. It’s a vanilla-scented, purple yam that’s perfect for everything from pies to lattes.

2. More Cultural Influences


Many restaurants are experimenting more now than ever with flavors from around the world. This is due to a new interest in global eating trends among consumers, and also restaurants simply looking to draw more customers into their stores by doing something different. Don’t be surprised to see menus that draw inspiration and flavors from Japanese cuisine to West African cooking.

3. Sustainable Eating

As consumers and restaurants alike look to push toward more sustainable practices, there’s one word you’ll likely hear this year that will make your head turn: regenivore. This type of eating takes sustainability to the next level. Consumers are now seeking out restaurants and food products that not only use locally-sourced ingredients but also actively have a hand in reducing their carbon footprint and caring for the Earth’s natural resources. Today’s younger eaters are looking to patronize restaurants that employ eco-conscious agriculture, strict animal welfare policies, and better treatment of those who grow and process the ingredients they use.

4. Briny Flavors


Pickle juice has long since been a popular ingredient to spice and salt dishes but these days, don’t be shocked if you find more unique ingredients on the menu, such as seaweed, kelp, and other plant-based ocean edibles. Fresh marine flavors have inspired chefs to experiment with everything from new garnishes to ocean-infused cocktails. Clamato (clam and tomato) juice is also making a big comeback and appearing in bars and restaurants all over the world.

These are just a few of the food trends everyone from foodservice equipment reps to chefs can take note of in the coming year!


In conclusion, the foodservice industry is set to undergo significant changes in 2024. With the world still grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are likely to continue offering more online and delivery options to cater to customers’ changing needs. Furthermore, technology is set to play a more significant role, with the rise of virtual kitchens and automation in the kitchen.

Sustainability is also a growing concern, with more emphasis placed on eco-friendly practices and reducing food waste. Finally, there is a renewed focus on health and wellness, with more people looking for healthier and more nutritious meal options. By keeping up with these trends, foodservice businesses can adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving market.

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