Early Expectations: What To Expect At Your First Brunch in 2024

Whether you go with friends, family, or work, your first brunch is something to take in and enjoy for the wholesome experience that it is. After all, it’s associated with leisure and luxury, so it’s best to dive in headfirst.

Of course, being a relatively new addition to the meal menus in your local café, restaurants, and bars, you may find yourself curious about what’s served at this halfway meal; is it the same as breakfast or lunch?

If you’re not quite sure, read on; this is a quick brunch menu guide to get your mouth watering!


Mimosas on a platter

Source: foodnetwork.com

When you go to your first rooftop bottomless brunch, you’ll likely see mimosas being served, and before you ask, yes, they do have alcohol in them! A mimosa is a mixture of champagne and citrus juice, usually grapefruit or orange, which is a perfect way to perk yourself up, provided you have nothing else going on for the rest of the day, that is!

Avocado Toast

The Instagram models aren’t the only ones who love avocado toast! This is a versatile and rather new addition to the world of brunch, and understandably, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere!

Avocado toast is often served with nuts or salmon, adding to the healthy aspect of this meal. The avocado itself is likely to be mashed, sometimes with a bit of pepper, and placed onto dry, wholemeal toast. It’s very tasty, and it’ll keep you feeling full for a good while!



Source: taste.com.au

From blueberry walnut to sausage pancakes for your brunch meal, you can expect there to be pancakes. Whether you want your brunch pancakes to be savory or sweet, there’s no denying that they’re the perfect addition to brunch, and, based on where you have your brunch meal, you’ll likely find different variations.

In New York, brunch pancakes tend to consist of blueberries and bacon, whereas, in the UK, they tend to be based around bananas and buttermilk. Of course, these are somewhat generalizations as, most likely, there’ll be a breakfast bar where you can put whatever you want on your pancakes.

Egg Benedict

This is where the new world influence shows itself in brunch, as Eggs Benedict came from the big apple in the 1860s.

Eggs Benedict is commonly served at this meal and is, by themselves, a bit of a continental mixed bag. They are placed on English muffins, usually with a side of Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce. The eggs themselves are poached. This meal is exceedingly common at brunch and can be a perfect addition if you want to try something that’s very salty.

Fresh Juices

orange juice for brunch

Source: healthline.com

Most people associate fresh pressed juices with breakfast, but to be honest, there’s no real “right time” to enjoy some fresh orange juice! When you go to brunch, you’ll likely be offered some juice along with your savory food to help highlight the more breakfast-based aspect of the meal and to also provide you with some vitamin C.

At a restaurant, hotel, or another establishment that offers brunch, you’re likely to find a wider range of juices than you would at breakfast, which will include the traditional, pulpy orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and even mixed juices, like peach and mango. Very tasty and very healthy and, of course, the perfect accompaniment to your eggs Benedict!

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