8 Best Gifts for the Amateur Chef On Your List

When shopping for someone with a niche hobby, the easiest way to find the perfect gift is to consider their interests. Giving gifts that emphasize or contribute to their hobby of choice is always a good idea. There is a wide range of gift options available to cooking enthusiasts.

Gifts in a specific area of interest aren’t always easy to find. Rather than equipping their kitchen all at once, people who love to cook purchase the tools they need for specific recipes. There is also the issue of kitchen space to consider. Finding a gift that will be used frequently in the kitchen is essential because there is only so much room in the cabinets to store pans and small appliances.

Shopping for a chef with everything can be challenging if you’re looking for the perfect gift. The article below lists a few other options you can consider, including something that can be customized from Red Head Oak Barrels.

1. Instant Pot


Often called an electric pressure cooker or a multi-cooker, an Instant Pot is an appliance that can perform a number of kitchen functions at the same time. A typical Instant Pot can be used to cook rice, make yogurt, and act as a pressure cooker.

Using the Instant Pot’s pressure cooker function, it can quickly cook foods that usually take a long time to cook on the stove or in the oven. Pressure cooking with an Instant Pot is a good introduction if you’ve never used one before. In comparison to stovetop pressure cookers, it’s much easier and safer to use. The functions of the slow cooker and rice cooker will be more familiar to you, while steamers are also quite simple.

2. Smart Oven

A Smart Oven is very similar to the classic toaster oven. In addition to being intelligent ovens, they also function as multi-tasking machines. With multiple cooking modes, including bake, broil, air fry, and rotisserie cooking, these countertop convection ovens are considered “smart.” You can put raw food in and let them handle the temperature changes and airflow for you.

A smart oven is going to be expensive compared to a non-smart oven: expect to pay several hundred dollars on average for a smart oven. You can expect a higher price if you need features like food temperature sensors. Despite this, several quality brands are available at reasonable prices.

3. Sous Vide Precision Cooker


Previously limited to the professional kitchen, sous vide cooking is a technique that achieves a uniform, restaurant-quality results through precision temperature control. Using sous vide cooking, restaurants cook food to the exact level of doneness they want. For home cooks, sous vide precision cooking equipment has recently become affordable and easy to use.

The French term sous vide means “under vacuum” and refers to the procedure of vacuum-sealing food before cooking it at a precise temperature. No other cooking method can produce the same results as this technique. This is the perfect gift for your favorite amateur chef.

4. Pasta Machine

It is common for beginning chefs to experiment with new recipes by using pasta as a base. The ability to make a variety of different types of sauces and side dishes allows you to expand your culinary skills. Serving fresh pasta is one of the best ways to make pasta dishes really stand out from the rest. Making pasta is a simple task that can be completed by anyone with the use of a pasta maker. In order to help you create one-of-a-kind dishes, pasta can be created in various shapes and sizes.

5. Vacuum Sealer


Most people waste a ton of food each year due to a lack of efficient storage methods. There is no doubt that a vacuum sealer would make a fantastic gift for a budding chef on your gift list. These innovative machines work by suctioning the air out of a freezer-proof plastic bag and sealing it with heat.

If you wish to save money on groceries, you can buy them in bulk quantities at a discounted price and separate them into individual meals by using a vacuum sealer. In addition to storing leftovers with the help of a vacuum sealer, it is also a great way to preserve food.

6. Chef Knife Block Set

It is imperative that professionals have the right tools for the job. Knives are essential tools that aspiring chefs should have in their arsenals. You can make a thoughtful gift for the amateur chef on your list by giving them a knife block set of chef’s quality. Blades set into a sturdy block are a conveniently stored and attractive addition to any kitchen workspace. A block knife holder provides the convenience of having all the cutting tools that you need in the kitchen within easy reach.

7. Dutch Oven


Today’s home cooks place enamel cast iron Dutch ovens on a pedestal for a good reason. Dutch ovens can be used almost every day for a variety of tasks. Dutch ovens are big, heavy pots with lids that fit snugly. Cast iron casseroles with two handles and a lid are considered Dutch ovens, but they aren’t the only ones. Dutch ovens require a constant temperature to maintain a long cooking time and a tight-fitting lid to preserve heat. Dutch ovens can be used to cook homemade bread, casseroles, roasts, and even desserts.

8. Food Processor

Modern kitchenware has become a necessity for food preparation. To provide the best cooking experience, everything is done to simplify the cooking process. Food processors are popular kitchen appliances. Many amateur chefs put off getting a food processor because they are intimidated by all the features and potential uses.

However, modern versions of food processors are designed to be more user-friendly. While your favorite chef may be relying on more lengthy cooking methods, a food processor can help them to cut prep time in the kitchen and focus on creating their next culinary masterpiece.

If you have a novice chef on your gift list this year, buying them something that will help them explore their passion is a thoughtful gesture. Any of the items on our list will make the perfect gift for any amateur chef.

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