5 Health Hacks for the Active Person That you Can Use in 2024

There is a global focus on health & fitness, as people look to get fit and play a range of sports and most of us have busy lives, chasing the dollar and managing a career and family. It can lead to not taking care of yourself and with that in mind, here are a few health hacks if you are a very active person.

1. Fruit juice in powder form


A new product is fresh fruit juice that is freeze dried and all the goodness remains; all you need to do is add cold water, stir and you have a healthy fruit drink.    You might be wondering where to buy orange powder in Thailand; there is a leading manufacturer and they have many delicious flavours; apple, orange, lemon, guava, lychee, peach and many others. Make this your staple drink at home; a glass of fresh fruit juice is the best way to start your day and you can buy in bulk to save money.

2. Take up yoga & meditation


No matter how stressful your heavy schedule might be, spending half an hour practicing yoga will soothe you and meditation is part of this ancient eastern discipline. Yoga can be described as a combination of physical, mental and spiritual activity and that promotes good health & well-being. Check out some of the yoga YouTube videos and bring some mindfulness into your life. Here are a few weight-loss drinks that you can make at home.

3. Take a daily supplement


Order a large bottle of a well-known A-Z supplement, which contains a lot of your daily requirements; this is especially important if you are working all hours, when we get rundown, our immune system is weakened. If you are over 50, even more reason to take a daily vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement. If you run a hectic schedule, you need that extra energy and grabbing a hamburger for lunch is hardly healthy eating; once you get into the habit, taking your supplement with fresh fruit juice first thing in the morning.

4. Red light therapy


This is said to be very good for the body and there is clinical data to back that up. Search online to find a hand-held red light therapy unit and enjoy the effects of this spectrum of light; suppliers of these units offer a money-back guarantee, which is a reflection of their confidence in the product. We still don’t fully understand light and as we move into quantum physics, we are discovering much.

5. Home workouts


Invest in a treadmill, a couple of dumbbells and a few weights and you can transform your spare room into a home gym. There’s no excuse for not working out on a daily basis when you have your own gym at home.

We all take our good health & well-being for granted to some degree and we hope that the above hacks help you live a healthier lifestyle as you strive for success in life.

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