7 Iconic Aussie Foods You Must Try In Your Lifetime

Checking out the food of the country you are visiting is always a great way to experience something even more unique. That is especially the case when visiting a completely different culture on the other side of the world. For example, typical food in India, China, or South Korea will be quite strange to tourist from western countries.

When it comes to Australia, people there have a lot in common with western countries. However, the recipes that you will find there are completely different and unique. Some of the best places you can enjoy amazing Aussie cuisine are Deli shops in Australia. Here are some recipes that you should not miss.

1. Kangaroo Meat


Not surprisingly, this type of meat is common, and you will find it in every store and restaurant. Still, a lot of tourists who don’t know much about Australian cuisine are getting shocked by the fact that Aussies are eating their most famous animal.

However, these animals are herbivores, and the taste is similar to lamb or steak. It is actually very healthy due to the high amount of protein, omega 3, and various minerals. Some of the best recipes that you can find with this meat are Bolognaise, Spicy Satay, Aussie Salad, Meatballs, Fillet, Burgers, Lajamanu, and more.

2. Vegemite


Another shocking discovery for many tourists is when they taste Vegemite for the first time. It is a product that you will find only in Australia. The interesting fact is that people who are not from Australia will tell you to avoid this food, but the reason for that is only that there is not anything similar in any other place. The taste is specific, and the best way to serve it is with butter on toast.

This product is a mixture of vegetables, spices, and yeast, and you can also add tomato, avocado, or melted cheese to improve the taste. Even though it has a texture similar to Nutella or some other sweet cream, this food is salty. It is one of the most popular snacks and additional breakfast, and you should give it a try.

3. Meat Pie


In most parts of the world, a pie is a synonym for a food with a lot of sugar, chocolate, fruits, and other sweat products. However, if you are shopping in some Australian stores, keep in mind that they went a step further with pies since there are also versions with meat. While the appearance and texture might surprise you, this is a type of food that you should not miss when you visit this place.

There are different types of this type, and the most common one is filled with mushrooms, gravy, cheese, onions, and minced meat. There are options for vegetarians and vegans as well. It can be a perfect breakfast, snack, or even dinner. The popularity is similar to burgers or kebabs in western countries since you can find a lot of corner shops that are selling fresh meat pies.

4. Chicken Parma


The name might suggest that this recipe is from Italy, but it is actually a unique one from Australia, and one of the best meals with chicken that you will find there. The taste is amazing, which is the reason why this is one of the recipes that reached global popularity.

The preparation is quite simple, you will need to cook the chicken that is previously covered by flour and eggs. After that, you can cover it with tomato sauce and then spread the melted Parmigiano cheese over it. You can add some vegetables on the side, while the best combination is with fries.

5. Tim Tams


It is common that almost every country has some unique type of cake or sweets, and the same is for Australia. If you are planning to travel there, be sure to don’t miss Tim Tams, which is a chocolate cookie with a unique soft texture and holes in the middle. The most popular combination is with milk, tea, or coffee.

The interesting part is that you can use parts of this cookie as a straw to create something special out of your drink. Also, there are different types of Tim Tams, such as caramel, double coat, white, dark chocolate, while you can also find it in different sizes. There is a rival product to this cookie called Penguins, and they are also known for amazing taste.

6. Lamington


This is another cake that you will find in every store in Australia. The interesting thing is that there is even a national day dedicated to this cake. It is not a surprise considering the amazing taste. The middle represents a spongy texture with a lot of butter, while the cover is made of chocolate and coconut. It is a perfect desert, and you will find a lot of unique recipes in restaurants there, each claiming to have the best Lamington.

7. Pavlova


This recipe is quite simple yet very delicious. It represents a combination of whipped cream and fruit. You will find it in restaurants, corner shops, stores, bakeries, bars, and many other places. The reason for that is that the preparation is quite simple. It is an excellent desert after lunch. If you want to prepare it on your own, there are pre-made options in stores that will make it easier, but going from scratch won’t be a problem as well.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many unique recipes that you can only find in Australia. Some of them might be a cultural shock, while there are many recipes that are similar to those found in western countries. When it comes to those unique recipes, you should be open and try them to experience something new.

The best examples of that are Vegemite and Kangaroo meat that are often part of the discussion of foreigners when they come to Australia. If you don’t like to experiment too much, recipes like Chicken Parma and Lamington are perfect for you. Also, BBQ is very popular in this place.

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