8 Best Types Of Interior Lighting For Restaurants And Food Courts

Running a successful restaurant or food court can be extremely challenging, as there are so many things to worry about on a daily basis. Now, even though the quality and type of the meals are most important, the mood and overall ambiance of the place also play a huge role. That is where proper lighting of the place can be of much help, so let’s check and explore all the options.

Main types of lighting

It all starts by picking the right style, the one that will fit the ambiance of the restaurant you want. Now, this might sound easy, but with so many options to choose from, the choice can be much more challenging. There are three main aspects to keep in mind here, and we will further discuss them.


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Every restaurant owner has certain objects and decorative elements they are proud of and would like everyone who comes to the restaurant to see, and this type of lighting is ideal for that. The entire purpose of this type is to highlight certain focal points. The usage of this type of lighting is vast, and remember the lights when you were at the art gallery and how certain paintings had lighting above them? Yes, that’s one of the best examples of accent lighting that you can use too for the restaurant or food courts. Of course, there are still many decisions to be made regarding the style, type, and shape, so make sure to go with the one that fits the place and ambiance the best.


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Okay, this is probably the most important type, as it is the type of lighting that will set up the mood of the place. Understandably, even here, you should go with the option that goes ideally to the type of restaurant. We will just give one small piece of advice, as the best ambient lighting is the one when it is a great mix of natural lighting and electric overhead fixtures. Also, make sure not to make common mistakes and darken the room or to make it as bright as possible, as most people are not fond of that. Antique Lighting is yet another way to go here, as adding a bit of retro lighting can only benefit the overall looks of the place.


This type is reserved for lighting the room for your employees, and this is where going as bright as possible can only benefit the overall efficiency of your staff. Now, to pick the best type, make sure to consider whether that room already has some ambient light, as it can help you determine how much more lighting you will need.

Other types of Lightning

Besides the three main types of lightning, there are some other popular choices that can enhance the look of the entire restaurant, bar, or food court, and we will describe them in the text below in order to help you make the right choice.


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The most important thing to be seen in every restaurant surely is the menu, as the food and drinks are the main things why people get there in the first place. Because of that, using some LED lights to illuminate the big menu and make it easily seen wherever your guests sit, can be the best way to present them with the entire offer and some special ones that should attract their attention. The great thing is that LED can give a great charm to each restaurant, and they are budget-friendly since they do not use a lot of electric power for their operation.


What can be more romantic than candles in a small cozy restaurant with great food? Well, the short answer is nothing, as candles are irreplaceable when it comes to the romantic atmosphere. The biggest problem can be to find the best ones to fit into the restaurant style because there are too many of them, but it is almost impossible to make the right choice. Some of them will need a candlestick, which can add to the interior, and for those who do not want to use normal candles because of smoke and safety, there are LED ones that can be a perfect replacement.


It is really interesting how chandeliers never go out of fashion, but for bar and restaurant owners, it is a great thing because it means they can install them once and not worry whether they will stop to be popular. They hang from the ceiling right above the tables and create a romantic atmosphere, which is why they are usually seen in Italian restaurants. However, they can also provide a more exotic atmosphere, which makes them perfect for any place, and thanks to LED bulbs that can replace the classic ones, the electric bill will surely be much lower.


One of the best ways to make the electric bill as low as it can be is to use the advantage of natural lighting whenever possible. In order to achieve that, the restaurant needs to be designed in such a way that it has a lot of windows, and it is necessary to be aware that it will do well only during the day, while for the evening hours you will need some other source of light. The most budget-friendly option definitely is LED bulbs which can be used in almost every type of lighting instead of regular ones.


The best thing when it comes to LED lighting is that it can be easily fitted into any style, and they are extremely architectural friendly, which means that it can be easily incorporated everywhere. It does not matter whether the restaurant is equipped in a modern or old-fashioned way because LED can only add up to its charm. One of the best ways to make the customers feel pleasant during their meal is to choose the ceiling fan option because in that way, the light source will be above their heads, and it will not hit their eyes directly while they try to eat in peace.

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