5 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Matcha Chai

The culture of drinking tea is present in many cultures. British people drink their Earl Gray with milk every afternoon. In China and Japan, there is a culture of drinking different types of green tea, and other products that come from the plant Camellia Sinensis. In India, they prepare a mixture of black tea, spices, and plant-based milk, which is known as chai. The literal translation of chai is also tea, but as we embrace different cultures and their beverages, we keep the authentic names, so we can easily recognize what we are drinking.

Recently, even the biggest coffee spots and brands, are preparing different types of tea. The popular bubble tea is also an interesting beverage, that can be combined with iced fruit tea, or even a chai latte, for a complete experience. But, have you seen the vibrant green beverage? That’s matcha tea, made from powdered green tea leaves. It’s used mixed in water, for an authentic experience. But, it can be too strong for those who don’t have a regular habit of drinking green tea.

That’s why you can often find matcha latte, or even a mixture of matcha chai, for a better drinking experience.

So, if you are asking, is there any benefit to drinking matcha chai, we can say that there are combined benefits for every ingredient. But first, let’s see how it’s made.

How it’s chai made?

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Chai, or known as masala chai, which means mixed-spice tea, is made of black tea, milk, water, and spices, very sweetened. This is the basic recipe, and if you add steamed milk, you are getting a chai latte. It’s rich in flavor, a little bitter, and very sweet, and the taste depends on the spices added.

Sometimes, the coffee shops are replacing some of the ingredients, so they can get new flavors. Mixing matcha powder instead of black tea is one of the known methods of preparing matcha chai. Also, adding matcha to the basic recipe is considered matcha chai too. Sweet and spicy green tea is probably one of the best flavors in the world.

Surely, there is not a fixed recipe. The benefits are combined, because of the mixture. The chai can be hot or cold, and the way it’s brewed can also make a difference. The original chai is more herbal and spicier, and the western adaptations are sweet and creamy.

Knowing all these things, here are five reasons why to choose matcha chai instead of any other morning beverage:

1. Energizing way to start your day

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Maybe you are used to your cup of coffee, but both black and matcha tea contain enough caffeine to wake you up in the morning. The difference is that you are getting many benefits from the antioxidants in the matcha powder, but also from all the spices in the mixture, including cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper. As it’s sweetened with some natural sweetener, you will get an immediate energy boost, and you will wake up easily. If you are interested in natural matcha chai, you can find it here.

2. Better brain function

This is the best benefit among them all. Keep your brain healthy, and in good shape, by taking green tea daily. Matcha chai is a healthy way to boost your attention, reflexes, and your memory too. Just be careful with the artificial sweeteners, because we all know that the coffee shops put a lot of sugar in their beverages, so they can enhance the flavors. If possible, ask for no sugar beverage. That will be more beneficial.

3. Green tea makes you healthier

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Matcha powder is concentrated green tea, and it makes you healthier, due to the active ingredients. The EGCG content will decrease the chances of getting cancer. So, your daily dose of matcha chai can help you prevent dangerous diseases. The compounds found in the green tea powder, black tea, spices, and plant-based milk, are fighting together, to make you healthier.

4. Losing weight as a benefit

At this point, we must explain that losing weight is possible if you don’t drink your matcha chai too sweetened. Artificial sugars won’t help you lose weight. That’s why many people are replacing it with more dietary options. But, some people drink it without added sugar, which is a great way to taste all the flavors and enjoy your cup of green chai completely.

5. It’s really tasty

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We all want something delicious in our life. The combination of spices, matcha powder, black tea, and milk, together with the sweetener, is something we can afford to enjoy occasionally. When we eat or drink something delicious, our taste buds are enjoying it, and they send information to the brain, which helps the body release happiness hormones. So, is there anything better than this?

What are the chai variants?

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All the ingredients are boiled together. Indian people are mixing equal parts of water and milk by choice with black tea leaves, and spices. Adding sugar is optional too. They usually use strong black tea, but you can use regular Earl Gray. When it comes to spices, they put ginger, turmeric, vanilla, honey, cardamom, and cinnamon, but also flavors such as almond, honey, or rose. You can use regular milk or plant-based one. If you don’t like milk, you can easily boil the ingredients with water.

Whisk the matcha powder using plain water. Let the chai get cooler, and then pour it over the matcha mixture. This is one of the easiest ways to get a nice beverage, full of flavor and aromas. And the benefits are just a nice addition to your enjoyment.

There are non-tea variants too, prepared with rooibos, yerba mate, or herbal infusions. Western cultures are adapting the recipe according to their preferences. We can say that most of the products can’t be considered chai, but because of the similar way of preparing, the name is still valid.

You can top it with steamed milk, whipped cream, or plant-based milky foam. It’s all about your preferences.

And when it comes to matcha chai, the way we described is one of the best you can taste.

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