Top Reasons to Consider Serving Canapes at Your Next Event

There are plenty of different catering options that you have for events, but canapes is certainly one that is worth bearing in mind. There are plenty of different direct advantages involved in serving canapes, and the following blog post will be exploring a few of the main plus points to bear in mind.


A Social Type of Food

First up on the list, you should consider using canapes at events as it is a social type of food. People are able to remain standing and mingling as they eat, and they can also accept and refuse as they would like. At the same time, they also give a great topic of conversation as people talk about the different options that are available and their individual enjoyment of them. Ultimately, this can act as an excellent icebreaker that feeds nicely into the rest of your event.

A Wide Range of Choice

One of the other major advantages of serving canapes is down to the fact that you can get a wide range of choice and find something that is suited to every guest. Plus, you can cater to different dietary restrictions – serving both meat and vegetarian options. Ultimately, this can help to ensure that no guest is left uncatered for. If they do not like the look of a particular option, they can always wave it on and wait for the next one to come around.


Less Mess

One of the major issues with catering a large event is that it produces a great deal of washing up. Therefore, to combat this, canapes can be the perfect foil. Essentially, they produce no mess beyond cocktail skewers and napkins. Guests don’t necessarily have to use plates or cutlery. After all, these are dishes that are designed to be best enjoyed in a single bite.

Give People the Opportunity to Enjoy Something New

The fact that canapes can combine a wide variety of textures and flavours is another nice touch to them. Essentially, they give people the opportunity to be a little bit more daring that their everyday meals and have something that they normally wouldn’t enjoy. While some people are going to stay very much within their culinary comfort zones, there are many more who are going to appreciate this fantastic opportunity to branch out.

All of these add up to a few fantastic reasons why canapes can prove to be the ideal addition to your next event – allowing people to socialise while enjoying some delicious flavours and textures at the very same time. Canapes are suitable for all sorts of different events – whether they are all the food that you are going to serve or they are simply complimenting a main meal that you will be serving later on in the night. It’s always going to be worthwhile ensuring that the caterers are properly up to the task as an initial starting point as you certainly don’t want to end up getting let down here.

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