How To Tell If Your White Wine Is Vegan – 2024 Guide

Are white wines vegan? one of the common questions often asked by vegans. Wines are assumed vegan instantly as they are just squashed grapes. But surprisingly, most of them are not vegan, especially white wines. Most ones are made from non-vegan or animal products.

Today, most winemakers use traditional purifying methods using items like egg whites. The most accessible refining ingredient available in the market, egg whites, are high in albumin and filter impurities well. Furthermore, components like gelatin, fish oil, and dried fish bladder are also used during the refining process. So, what started as a vegan might not necessarily be vegan post-production. And therefore, not all wines or alcoholic drinks are 100% vegetarian.

If you are purely or practicing vegan, and thinking about finding a vegan white wine, then consider this expert guide. It will help you find ways to determine vegan white wines from the rest with a few valuable tips.

Ways To Find Out If The Wine Is Vegan –

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As compared to vegan alcoholic drinks, non-vegan drinks production is more. And to buy the best and tastiest vegan wine, you must know the following tricks.

Unfiltered/Unfined Label

When choosing a white wine for yourself, always check for the “Unfiltered” or “Unfined” label on the bottle to determine whether it is vegan or not. Wines with unfiltered or unfined labels resemble that they are 100% vegan and have not undergone the process of filtration or refinement in which ingredients like fish oil, gelatin, or egg whites are used.

Unfiltered white alcoholic drinks are more natural and flavorful. These are often also natural wines and perfect alternatives for vegans who only consume plant-based food and beverages.

Check The “Certified Vegan” Mark

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Certified vegan products are often set out or authorized by vegan organizations. To get a “Certified Vegan” label, products must meet specific criteria and standards. And then, once the vegan organization approves the product, they are labeled with the vegan certificate. The products with such certificates ensure that they do not contain animal ingredients.

Viva and Vegan Society are the two firms providing “Vegan Certificate” to the products. So, when buying a vegan wine for yourself, always check for this certification on the bottle.

There should be a registered trademark on the bottle, which is generally issued by the Vegan society for businesses that manufacture 100% vegetarian food or beverage items. It is a must for such a product. Otherwise, customers will need help to trust the authenticity of the product.

Check Ingredients

Now it is an essential tip to consider. Often manufacturers mention the ingredients their products are from on the back of the stickers. You will find the list of ingredients used in the production process in wine bottles on the back side of the bottle.

When buying a vegan wine for yourself, always ensure to go through the list of ingredients it is made from. Check for animal-driven ingredients, i.e., whether it contains that or not if any bottle displays ingredients such as the extracts of the fish swim bladder (isinglass), milk protein (casein), or egg whites. Then it means that wine is not vegan and is not meant for vegetarians.

It might be worth checking if you are still looking for the animal ingredients mentioned above. But to further confirm that the white wine you’ve chosen is 100% vegan, you must go through the entire list of ingredients and look for the vegetarian and other non-veg ingredients. This way, you will be double assured and can consume the drink without worrying.

Check For Fining Agents That Are Vegan

What makes finding a 100% vegetarian wine difficult or tricky is that winemakers need to list all the ingredients clearly and mention only a few. Some list only the main ingredients, while some even say the list of refining agents they’ve used in the wine production process.

Now, if you find any of the following vegan fining agents like Carbon, Kaolin clay or bentonite, Silica gel, plant casein, limestone, and vegetable plaques, then that drink is 100% vegetarian. It is because all these ingredients are plant-based and are often used for filtering impurities from the glass. And therefore, drinks with such components can be consumed by vegans.

Navigate the Social Media Handles Or Website Of The Manufacturer

Suppose you are practicing a vegan lifestyle and wish to consume white wine but are not sure about the veganism of the drink even after going through the list of ingredients on the bottle. You can visit the manufacturer’s website or go through their social media ids to learn more about that brand.

While social media is one of the most powerful tools to reach millions, you also get a lot of reviews for your products & service on it. And by reading a genuine review from the customers, you can easily judge whether the winemaker offers vegan drinks or not.

Furthermore, when visiting their official website, you can get the complete details of the ingredients used in the winemaking process.

Google Search

While checking out the list of ingredients on the bottle, if you are unsure that the ingredients are vegan or non-vegan, then google search is the best option. Google will surely provide complete information about what is plant-based and whatnot.

Furthermore, if you need help finding any information on the packaging, a quick google search for a brand or wine name can help you clear your doubts. The search engine will provide you with several articles wherein you can check the product details, its brand, and the ingredients prepared.


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Hopefully, the above tips will help you understand and find the most delicious plant-based vegan tipples. Perfect for cozy night-ins, friend’s parties, or special celebration occasions, these sustainable wines will never divert you from becoming or practicing veganism.

Today, with all sorts of viruses or diseases spread in the environment, people are opting more for plant-based food and beverages, and vegan wines are the best choice. These are 100% natural, made with natural ingredients, and do not have any side effects on your health.

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