Top Apps That Help You Follow an Organic Nutrition-Based Diet “Man Is What He Eats” – Lucretius

It is vital in present times to have the best health. For people, health is classified as a minor aspect of life while it is and should be a major one. Despite that, people are not giving their health the importance it deserves. The above quote states a fact of human life. We are what we eat, as what we eat not only affects us physically but also has a direct impact on our cognitive abilities, how we feel, and how productive we are. This hence affects our energy levels to carry out our work and activities throughout our daily life.

These days due to the internet being prevalent and readily available to more than 60% of the world’s population and thus it is easy to access knowledge banks for use in everyday life. This makes it easy for people to access websites, applications, and online libraries to find how-to guides and information on following an organic nutrition-based diet i.e. a healthy diet consisting of very low processed foods.

The internet has also made it possible to communicate online for example you can easily get in touch with a nutritionist in your busy routine because the internet makes it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for anything you may need. However, fFirst things first, keep a reliable connection at all times. We would suggest having AT&T Internet services for such instituted use of the internet for daily activities and keeping a hands-on connection within your homes.

This will allow you to have an internet connection at all times and you can easily run your apps, websites, and whatnot through it. It is the mindset that matters most when it comes to clean eating and being a healthy version of yourself, no matter whether you have fat or not. The key is to keep a balanced diet and you will get to have a healthy body too.



Habits build slow and steady until they no longer feel like effort but rather an instinctual response.

Check out the following apps that will help you eat clean and leave processed foods out of your life.

1. Foodvisor :

Available on Android & iOS (Free/in-app purchases)

This app will help keep track of the meals you take. It will provide you with new insights about what you are eating and how much dietary value your food has. This app will analyze a photo you take of the food plate and calculate for you the protein, carbs, fats, fiber, calories, and other nutrients in the meal for you and tell you how healthy it is.

You just have towill sign up and input basic information, which will help to determine the amount ofpp calories you take and track your macronutrients too. There is also a premium membership plan you can opt forto pick from. This plan will provide information about dieticians and you can keep in contact with them to understand what plan you have to follow, what fat loss you need, what muscle to build, and how to improve your overall health too.

2. Noom:

Available on Android & iOS (Free/in-app purchases)

This is a popular app and great for keeping track of your health. This app is not new and has been around for a while now. These days, the app uses a psychology-based approach to help people make a lasting change in their life. The experts will help to coach people and give them support. People can thus make better habits without losing motivation.

It is all about making small habits to make big changes in your life. This app will help you find the basics, to become a pro in becoming healthy, and motivate people around you. All you have to do is, download the app, answer some basic questions, and sign up for an account.

There is an option of a free and a paid version to choose from. Another great thing about the app is that it does not label food as good or bad, but rather prevents you from eating those showing them under different color codes to help the person reach healthy eating goals.


3. My Plate Calorie Counter:

Available on Android & iOS (Free/in-app purchases)

This app is well worth a download. It helps you track your nutrition intake and the exercise required. It offers a range of options to cook healthy organic meals. The community section is a plus to have as it provides the motivation you need in life to make better and healthy eating part of your life.

The app is free but you can upgrade to a paid version too and get customer plans, daily averages, and advanced statistics, which help you to keep track and find the best motivation while you learn to take this big step towards your health.

Conclusive Note:

All you have to do is, download these apps and establish healthy eating habits. These healthy eating habits will stay with you for a long time and make a positive impact in your life and will seriously make you smarter and stronger –because after all, we are what we eat.

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