What Foods Contain Folate And Which Are The Best Options?

Some dietary particles are essential for the functionality of our bodies. We cannot synthesize them on our own, so their intake of food is necessary. For that reason, we need to improve our diets and include food that will replenish our reserves.

Besides other ingredients, folic acid is essential for many important processes in our body. It is used for the formation of nucleic acids, and production of the healthy erythrocytes. With a folate deficiency, we can suffer from anemia, which can seriously affect our health.

To keep the reserves at a high level, we need food that contains folate. For that reason, we have made this article where we will go through food products that are rich in them. Make sure you read through and get informed about the best folate food options.

How much should you take


Recommended levels of folate intake vary between genders and conditions. For example, young adults should go for around four hundred micrograms, while lactating and pregnant women should go for around six hundred micrograms. Regular alcohol users should up their levels because the alcohol is causing absorption problems. The daily dose for alcoholics should be at least six hundred micrograms of folates.

When we talk about an upper or an increased folate level it means the maximum dosage recommended while preventing the side effects of a surplus. This is set to a thousand micrograms. Keep in mind to calculate your folate intake, and never cross the thousand mcg border.

Folate rich food


Many dietary products have folates as an ingredient. Because of the food regulation agencies across the world, manufacturers have been obliged to enrich their products with folates. It was mainly used on products that we use the most, such as grains, pasta, and bread. This has inherent in the result of the reduction of defects in the neural tube.

Sources of food that are rich in folates include peanuts, beans, and certain seeds. Also, fruits and greenery are rich in this ingredient. In addition, protein sources such as liver and fish, and eggs are also high in folates.

As you have noticed, there is a high variety of food that has this essential acid inside. This helps combine a dietary plan and keep high levels of folates easier.

Alternatively, you can use supplements to boost your folate intake further as suggested by

When to increase the intake


This diet is especially important for people who are prone to a deficit. Although it is rare, it is still something you need to consider addressing quickly.

Some of the conditions are mentioned above include alcoholism and pregnancy. However, gastrointestinal problems such as celiac disease and other inflammation processes can reduce absorption.

People who have certain genetic conditions cannot metabolite the folic acid into the active substance, which leads to a deficiency.

Lastly, if there is an affection of the erythrocytes, as they are enlarged and die too quickly, your folate levels should be checked. In case they are low, the anemia is caused by a deficiency that you will need to work on quickly.

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