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Strawberry Trifle Recipe

A strawberry trifle is a delicious treat that is served in a glass dish that is layered with fruit, cream, custard, and often a layer of sponge cake. The pink color of the trifle is derived from the strawberries, and the trifle is typically served cold. The origins of the dish are not known.

If you’re looking for a classic summer dessert, then you will love this recipe for a Strawberry Trifle. It’s a delicious, classic, and easy to make dessert that’s almost impossible to get wrong.

I am not going to lie, this blog has been a long time coming. It took a lot of planning and effort to get the recipe to make from start to finish. ..

Trifle is a classic British dessert made out of layers of fruits, sponge cake pieces, cream, and sometimes even a little booze. This Strawberry Trifle is a lovely springtime treat. The luscious strawberries highlight the season’s freshness, while the sponge cake and whipped cream provide just the perfect amount of sweetness. The taste is mild and sweet, with a creamy texture. While the dessert is simple, it’s ideal for entertaining since the layers make this strawberry trifle seem extremely spectacular. This is just what your dining table needs this Spring! Only a few ingredients are required (pudding mix, whipped cream, strawberries, powdered sugar), and by layering the components, you can create a stunning dessert in no time!

Layers of Strawberry Trifle

Don’t be tempted to combine all of the ingredients in the bowl at once! Each component should be added individually to produce different layers. Aim for at least three layers for a show-stopping dessert.

Ingredients for an Easy Strawberry Trifle

Fruits — We used strawberries in our Strawberry Trifle, but you may use other fruits like blueberries, raspberries, bananas, peaches, or pineapples. If you’re using raspberries, you may want to increase the sugar in the whipped cream to balance out the acidity. For the greatest results, select ripe berries.

Vanilla Wafers — this gives the dessert some texture. Lady fingers, Victorian sponge cake, or angel food cake pieces may also be used. It’s a fantastic way to use up any leftover sponge cake!

Whipped cream — for the creamiest dessert, go for full fat.

We used lemon pudding mix in this dish, but vanilla or strawberry pudding mix would also work!

The Best Strawberry Trifle Recipe

Combine the pudding mix and whipped cream in a mixing bowl. In the trifle dish, layer the vanilla wafers, cream mixture, and fresh strawberries, ensuring sure the layers are as neat as possible.

Strawberry Trifle Recipe Suggestions

If you don’t have vanilla wafers, lady fingers, angel food cake, or pound cake may be substituted.

Making it the night before will make it mushy, so prepare all of the components the night before and assemble it the day of serving. Otherwise, it’s doable; just be aware that the wafers will get soggy.

Experiment with different fillings—flavored jelly, custard, and even cream cheese are all wonderful!

— For this dish, use fresh strawberries instead of frozen strawberries.

Easy Strawberry Trifle Storage

This dessert is best served immediately, but leftovers may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. If you wish to make it ahead of time, separate the ingredients and put them together on the day of serving.


Strawberries should be chopped.

In a large mixing basin, combine the pudding, milk, and condensed milk and whisk until smooth.

Then, using an electric mixer, whisk the cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract until firm peaks form.

Whip the cream until smooth and fold it into the pudding mix.

Assemble the pudding in a large trifle basin. Place 1/3 of the vanilla wafers in the bottom of the bowl first.

Add a third of the sliced strawberries on top.

Cover with about a third of the pudding mixture.

Add two additional layers to the top.

Whipped cream, strawberries, lemon zest, and mint leaves are served on top.

Allow for 2 hours in the refrigerator before serving.


This dish is not suited for freezing because to the cream content.

A strawberry trifle is a delicious dessert that uses scoops of whipped cream, strawberries, and a variety of other treats to create a dessert that has the look of a pastry, but is actually a mixture of whipped cream and a fruit.. Read more about strawberry trifle with cream cheese and pudding and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a strawberry trifle be made the night before?

Yes, a strawberry trifle can be made the night before.

What are the layers of a trifle?

A trifle is a dessert made of layers of sponge cake, meringue, and whipped cream.

Will trifle get soggy overnight?

No, it will not.

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