Multi Cooker 4 Easy Ways to Make Healthy Delicious Meals

For many people, the idea of cooking dinner is daunting. There’s a lot to do, and it can be hard to find healthy and easy recipes. If you’re looking for an easier alternative, consider getting a multi-cooker. These appliances allow you to cook delicious meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Here are four easy ways to make healthy, delicious meals with your multi-cooker.

1. Sautee with One Button Press


Multi-cookers make it easy to sautee your ingredients. Simply turn on the cooking function and choose how high you want the heat to be. You can also press a button for the heats setting. This versatility allows you to make healthy meals like sauteed vegetables in minutes.

All you need is a little oil, salt, and pepper to season your veggies, then press the button for medium-high heat. Add the veggies into the pot of multi-cooker and cook until they’re tender but not mushy. The best thing about making vegetables in your multi-cooker is that the cooking method is easy to clean up.

2. Bake Cakes and Other Desserts Using Preset Programs


They’re not called multi-cookers for anything! It has a wide range of cooking options, and if you’re looking for an appliance that can bake simple cupcakes and cookies without using the traditional oven, then this is the appliance for you.

The best part about using your multi-cooker for baking desserts is that it doesn’t heat up your kitchen like an oven, making it perfect during the summer months when the weather is hot and humid. Plus, most automatic cookers come with preset programs, so all you need to do is press a button for your desired recipe.

3. Cook Fast and Flavorful Meals


You’re not limited to simple meals. You can cook a wide range of dishes, from soup to chili and even a whole meal. If you’re looking for an easy way to make tasty meals, multi-cookers are the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

The best thing about making rich and flavorful dishes with this cooking appliance is that it doesn’t take long at all! You can cook hearty stews in just 30 minutes. Most multi-cookers have slow cooker settings allowing you to cook meat early in the day and have a tasty meal waiting for you when you come home from work.

4. Steam Vegetables and Other Meals


If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to steam vegetables, then multi-cookers are the perfect appliance for your kitchen. Steam cooking allows flavors to infuse into food without adding any oil or grease. In fact, steaming can reduce calories by up to 80%.

The best thing about preparing steamed vegetables with a multi-cooker is that it doesn’t take long. You can steam foods in just 15 minutes or less. If you’ve never tried steaming your food before, then this cooking method might be the perfect way to get started on healthy living.

There’s no need for fancy equipment when preparing steamed veggies, either. All you need is a steamer basket and some water to get started. Then, simply add your vegetables inside the multi-cooker pot and press a button. Once it’s done, you may then season your dish with salt and pepper or any other spices to enhance its flavor. You can also make soup using this technique by adding broth instead of water.

Factors to Remember Before Buying a Multi-Cooker

When you’re buying a multi-cooker, there are some things that you should keep in mind. First of all, consider how much cooking space it has inside the pot. If you plan to make large roasts or whole chickens for dinner, opt for larger pots since most models only come with a one-size option.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of cooking settings are available. There are different types of multi-cookers for you to choose from, including preset programmable cookers with a range of options and manual functions so you can set the time and temperature yourself.

Finally, decide how much money you’re willing to spend on an appliance. Multi-cookers range in price from about $50 to upwards of $200. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line model, then expect to pay more. But if you just want something that works well enough without all the bells and whistles, there are plenty available at an affordable price point.

At the end of the day, finding out what you need from a multi-cooker and how you intend to use it is the most crucial factor to consider when buying one. Once you’ve established your budget and needs, you’ll then be able to filter out brands and models until you find that perfect one for your kitchen.

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