5 Tips for Sending Cake and Flowers Combo Gifts

Is there a person on this planet that does not like to receive a gift? However, there is a big mistake that we, human beings, make pretty often. We are waiting for particular days or dates of the year to come to surprise someone. There is no reason to do that as every day is a perfect day to send a gift and surprise someone.

However, choosing the right gift is often a difficult task. You need to know exactly what the person you want to surprise likes or needs. Until you discover that, a better option is to stick to the classics and try to surprise someone that way.

Classic gifts are not monotonous! Just because they are not innovative and unique as some other items, they will certainly impress someone and send the message you want to deliver. Moreover, you will explain properly through a couple of products/items that you care about someone.

Choose platforms like BloomingBox that give you a ton of options as far as selecting the best cake and flowers combos are concerned. If you don’t like the traditional roses, go for lilies or orchids instead. If you do not like cake, you can always go for a wonderful round box of handcrafted chocolates!

But, even when you know exactly what you want to purchase, there are multiple things you need to take care of. One of the issues you may have to face is finding the best possible method to send cake and flower combo gifts. Well, that’s something we would like to talk about in this article.

In this article, we will analyze what you need to take care of when sending this type of gift. Transportation is not the only problem! Let’s find out everything you should know together!

1. Take Care of the Package


The first thing you need to have in mind when sending cake and flowers combo gifts is protection. You can’t just put your gift in a box and expect everything is going to be fine.

For starters, a much bigger concern is how to protect the cake. Well, one of the options that we strongly recommend is a poly-crystal container. Fortunately for you, there are multiple options on the market that you can choose from. You will find the smaller, medium and bigger ones for sure. Despite that, they are also shaped in different ways. Because of that, you can find square, semicircle, and circle poly-crystal containers for a relatively affordable price.

Also, cardboard packaging containers can be a good alternative. Just like the poly-crystal containers, these ones can be found in different shapes and sizes. Because of that, we suggest you research the online world as well as shops in your neighborhood that would meet all your requirements and expectations.

What about flowers? Well, things are a bit different in that way. In case you want to keep the freshness they had in a store, you may want to use a corrugated box. Most corrugated boxes are made of appropriate materials that will give an additional layer of protection to the flowers you want to gift.

2. Design the Cake and Flowers Combo Gift Properly


After you find the best possible layer of protection, the next thing you have to take care of is design. Well, there is no universal rule of how you should design the bouquet and cake. One of the options that you have is to take care of the colors. For instance, the color of both, flower and cake, can be in the same color. However, in that case, you will need to know which colors the person you want to surprise loves.

But, even if you don’t know that, there are certain standards that you may follow. If you want to express love, then the cake can be red (strawberry for instance) while the color of the flower should be the same )roses, for instance). An even better option would be to use different shares of the same color. That way, you will make the present more interesting and eye-pleasing.

3. Determine How Many Flowers Will Be in a Bouquet


When you look closer, making some sort of balance is actually the main goal you should strive to reach. The number of flowers should not big too big in case you are sending a small cake. You can order a customized bunch of flowers from a flower company. You can ensure that the blooms complement the cake and add an extra special touch to the gift. On the other hand, if the cake is a bit bigger, then the number of flowers should be a bit bigger.

Generally, our tip here is not to overdo it. Small gifts are somehow cuter compared to the bigger ones. Besides, you are buying a present for only one person. Will that person manage to eat a big cake alone?

4. Use the Delivery Services


Without any doubt, using a cake and flower combo gift delivery service is the easiest way to finish this part of the job. Instead of improvising the gift or spending time thinking of the best possible idea, you should let the experts finish this part of the job. They know very well how to protect both, flowers and cake, in an adequate package.

Despite that, you can be sure the package is going to be properly designed and delivered on time. That can be a pretty useful thing when you are in a hurry! People often spend too much time taking care of the problems we mentioned in this article. Lack of time usually leads to wrong decisions and conclusions which can negatively affect the quality of our surprise.

5. But, What If I Live Overseas?


We have great news here as well! Believe it or not, there are many international flower & cake combo gift delivery services. Finding them is not difficult at all. All you will have to type something like “how to send flowers to Vadodara” or “flower delivery in Ghaziabad” to find them. In other words, the combination of appropriate keywords and location where you plan to send the gift will be enough.

The entire procedure is pretty simple. When you make the initial order, you will have to choose which flowers and cakes you want to send, and provide the address where the package needs to be delivered. Providing a phone number in case something goes wrong (deliveryman can’t find the location, for instance) may be necessary as well as the name of the person you want to surprise.

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