How Many Types Of Coffee Beans Are There?

There is nothing more beautiful than to start your morning perfectly and start your day perfectly. There are many ways you can wake up. Here are a few – you can start by watching the sunrise as it gives you a lot of energy throughout the rest of the day, then you can start the day by reading a book in the morning, you can do a short workout of minutes, exercise a little yoga, to be a nice tasty tea, and it is best to make breakfast and enjoy your favorite morning coffee. Morning coffee is the sweetest and it is a general opinion of many people.

Coffee is one of the most beautiful and most drunk drinks on the planet right after the water that we literally all drink throughout the day. Coffee is a beverage that has been made for many years now and has been drunk by a large number of generations. There are several coffee centers in the world and these centers are known as the main places where this wonderful drink is produced. Before we get the ground coffee, it is necessary to grow it as a plant and then to get the beans that need to be roasted, then to grind to get several types of coffee as a product. Let’s go back to the beginning!

Coffee is a plant that could not thrive in every part of the world, which is why it is not grown everywhere. In order to get the grains, you need to have warm to moderately humid weather, semi-moist soil, and this can be obtained mostly as a condition for growing this plant in Colombia, Brazil, parts of Argentina and most often in the countries located in Africa. . Otherwise there is not only one unified type of coffee. There are several types of coffee that are commonly used to make a ground beverage of just one type or blends are used to mix multiple flavors.

Each of the types of beans has a special taste when a drink is made from them, so they are mixed differently to get a specific type of coffee. What types of black are there and how many are there? There are 4 types of grains that are used and today we will talk about them. Who are they? You can get to know them nicely and in detail in the continuation of this article because we bring you a lot of details about them. Sit back and get started!

1. Arabica


If anything is really popular in the world of caffeine, then it’s this kind of grain – Arabica. Arabica is one of the most popular species that people can decide on. Why? Because it becomes a type of grain that when baked has a beautiful color that is typical, then has a wonderful aroma that can smell even better and feel after grinding. The taste that is obtained is also wonderful, it has an ideal aroma and ideal taste that we think anyone who loves coffee would enjoy. All you need to do is buy it from a suitable coffee bean supplier who always has fresh and quality stocks like Auresso who work by selling coffee in beans, but also ground and in capsules. This type of grain is the most popular and is often mixed with all other types, but let’s see what the other types are.

2. Robusta


If you are one of those people who love coffee that will make them happy, then you are one of the many fans of Robusta. Yes, this type of bean called Robusta is to blame for the fact that many of you are in love with coffee with more intensity. This type of grain is most commonly grown in Africa, but can also be found in certain parts of South America. The most common component is espresso and coffee, which are of stronger intensity. To reduce the intensity a little, Arabica or Liberica is added in order to get a different note and a different taste. Otherwise, it has a typical dark color and a strong scent that stays in the senses for a long time. That’s why so many people adore Robusta!

3. Liberica


If anything is truly unique, it is Liberica. It is a type of grain that is really difficult to grow, but it is also specific in itself. This type of grain has a unique shape, ie each grain is different in appearance. Then it differs in the aroma and taste that the grain itself has after it is baked. In a word we can only say that it is something that is unique and that can not be called otherwise. Often this type of coffee can be found at slightly higher prices depending on how much was produced for that season, but you can also find it at a regular price if there was enough produced. If you want something unique, then this is what you are looking for and what you need.

4. Excelsa


Finally we left something that is among the rarest types of plants and one of the rarest types of coffee. We said a little above that most of the grains can be found in the southern parts of Africa and America, but there is a part of Asia that also produces grains and that is exactly what produces this type of grain. These beans are unique in both smell and taste. Some would say that they are part of the Liberica family, but lately, experts have been saying that it is a different kind of grain because of the intensity, aroma, color, and taste, which is really true because all these things are with a completely different dimension in Excelsa.

These are the four types of coffee beans that can only be found in some parts of our planet. They are mixed properly and sealed properly in order to get the powdery substance from which we made our favorite drink in the morning. Now we are sure that you will choose your drink of this type much more carefully and you will enjoy it much more.

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